Overlockers & Cover Stitch Machines

Overlockers make hemming a breeze. How do you know what one is right for you? Our guide will help you learn the basics. For a personalised recommendation, talk to our team at The Sewing Machine Doctor today.

Standard Overlocker/Serger
  • Usually 3 or 4 thread. Usually in a combination of 2 needles forming a mock safety stitch (appears as a straight stitch from above) with an upper and lower looper. However, some machines have 5 threads in a combination of 3-thread overlock (one needle, two looper) and 2-thread chainstitch.
  • Some older 4 threads have a combination described as 2/4. This is a 2-thread chainstitch with an independent 2-thread overedge.
  • Some more recent machines have different feet available for functions, such as blind hemming and elastication.
  • All incorporate a trimming knife to cut raw edges.
  • More recent machines have easily moved parts to enable swift set-up for narrow or rolled hemming.
  • Good for most home seamstresses.

Cover Stitch Overlocker/Serger

  • Can have space for up to 8 threads with several variations, but normally a 5-thread machine.
  • Has most of the features above with the addition of Coverstitch (flat overlock stitch found on t-shirts, windcheaters, hoodies, etc.).
  • Extremely versatile with many different options, but can be complex to set up.
  • Can feature automatic tensions, as well as some aids for threading.
  • Often larger and heavier, but this helps hold them down at high speed.
  • Recommended for advanced sewers or home-based businesses.

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