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FAQ's for Sewing Machines

A quirky array of buttons for you to use when sewing

Q. Why does my machine cobble up underneath, leaving large tails of thread under the fabric?

This is usually due to misthreading of your machine. Often it is a missed thread guide or it may have slipped out of a guide. This can also happen if you thread your machine with the foot down. When the foot is up the tension discs open to accept the thread correctly. When these faults occur, the first thing I recommend is to rethread your machine from scratch.

What Sewing Machine Foot do I use for normal stitching?

Q. What foot do I use for normal stitching?

While the identification from machine to machine will vary, the metal zigzag foot is the normal one. Many manufacturers will call it ‘A’ or ‘0’. Brother refers to it as ‘J’ and Singer often stamps it ‘B’. This foot is used for normal stitching primarily because it has a flat lower surface which helps to ‘iron’ the stitch after it is formed.


Q. How long does a sewing machine needle last?

It can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 hours, depending on what is being  sewn. As a rule of thumb I recommend replacement of your needles every 2nd garment or 5 hours sewing time. Your needle is the cheapest part of your garment but is also the most likely equipment to destroy your project. Remember, if you can hear the needle hit the fabric, that is also a sign it is time for a new one. Please remember to dispose of ‘sharps’ thoughtfully also. Click here for detailed needle info >>

Use the bobbin designed especially for your machine

Q. Can I use a generic bobbin?

Short answer is NO. Use only bobbins that are designed for your machine. If in doubt, ask either your technician or email me at with your make and model and I will point you in the right direction.